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Altera RFS Board

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Ürün Kodu: TGM.RFS-BOARD | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Şubat 2017 | Garanti Süresi: 24 Ay
The RFS board is designed for wireless communication, environmental monitoring, networking, and IoT (The Internet of Things) applications. It can be used with the DE series FPGA motherboard to expand board functions. The RFS uses a 2x20 GPIO to interface with the FPGA board. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities; it also has the ability to communicate through a PC host from UART-to-USB interface. In addition, there are all kinds of sensors, such as an ambient light sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, accelerators, gyroscopes, magnetometer ... and so on.


  • Wi-Fi, using ESP-WROOM-02 module
  • Bluetooth SPP, using HC-05 module
  • 9-axis sensor: accelerometer,gyroscope,magnetometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • UART to USB
  • 2x6 TMD GPIO Header

Block Diagram



The RFS can be connected to the DE Series FPGA boards as shown below.

  • Directly connect to the DE10-Lite board


  • Connect to the DE0-CV board

  • Connect to the DE0-Nano board
  • Connect to the DE0-Nano-SoC board

  • Connect to the DE1-SoC motherboard


  • Connect with the DE2-115 motherboard


Rfs Usermanual
5,20 MB
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