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Altera DVI-HSMC Card

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Ürün Kodu: TGM.TER. DVI-HSMC CARD | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Ağustos 2016 | Garanti Süresi: 0 Ay
  • Digital Transmitter
    • One DVI transmitter with single transmitting port
    • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Compliant
    • Supports resolutions from VGA to UXGA (25 MHz – 165 MHz Pixel Rates)
    • Universal Graphics Controller Interface
      • 12-Bit, Dual-Edge and 24-Bit, Single-Edge Input Modes
      • Adjustable 1.1 V to 1.8 V and Standard 3.3 V CMOS Input Signal Levels
      • Fully Differential and Single-Ended Input Clocking Modes
      • Standard Intel 12-Bit Digital Video Port Compatible as on Intel™ 81x Chipsets
    • Enhanced PLL Noise Immunity
      • On-Chip Regulators and Bypass Capacitors for Reducing System Costs
    • Enhanced Jitter Performance
      • No HSYNC Jitter Anomaly
      • Negligible Data-Dependent Jitter
        • Programmable Using I²C Serial Interface
        • Single 3.3-V Supply Operation
  • Digital Receiver
    • One DVI receiver with single receiving port
    • Supports UXGA Resolution (Output Pixel Rates Up to 165 MHz)
    • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Specification Compliant
    • True-Color, 24 Bit/Pixel, 16.7M Colors at 1 or 2-Pixels Per Clock
    • Laser Trimmed Internal termination Resistors for Optimum Fixed Impedance Matching
    • 4x Over-Sampling
    • Reduced Ground Bounce Using Time Staggered Pixel Outputs
    • Lowest Noise and Best Power Dissipation Using TI PowerPAD™ Packaging
  • Size :41 x 78.11 mm

Block Diagram


  • Machine vision
  • Video phone
  • Remote image sensing
  • Video streaming
  • Image recognition, filtering and compression
  • Biometrics
  • Surveillance systems


  • One HSMC connector for interface conversion
  • Compatible with all Terasic/Altera kits with HSMC/HSTC interface


  • Connect ADA-HSMC with DE3
    Note. An adapter (SFF or HFF) is required to connect ADA-HSMC with DE3. It is bundled in DE3 kit.

  • The DVI-HSMC board connects with Cyclone III Development Board

  • The DVI-HSMC board connects with Cyclone III Starter Board

  • The DVI-HSMC board connects with Altera DE4
    Note. Two adapters (HFM2) required to connect DVI-HSMC with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.

  • The DVI-HSMC board connects with Altera DE2-115

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